Welcome To A Collection Of Diatoms From Oamaru By Nigel Charles

My interest in the study of fossil diatoms from deposits at Oamaru, on the South Island of New Zealand was kindled and guided by the late Bernard Hartley. He was a distinguished diatomist and a dear friend and mentor.
I have been fortunate to be given some 50 samples of diatomite from 13 sites at Oamaru collected by diatomists through the 20th century. During the past 14 years, I have cleaned, searched and selected individual diatoms from this material for mounting and photography (see methods). I gratefully acknowledge the skill and dedication of Klaus Kemp in mounting them for me.
My collection now consists of 6800 individually mounted diatoms, selected to include all the species I have found in these samples. They have been photographed and named (which include some queries) and I aim to show all these species on this site when complete.
Inevitably, since I have only limited experience in this field, there will be errors among my identifications. I will welcome any corrections you may have. Finally, I hope you enjoy viewing these beautiful little jewels, and that this web site widens the understanding of Oamaru diatoms among naturalists. Who knows, it may even show new species (& ssp.) to add to the to the 700+ already recorded from this site.

Have fun, Nigel Charles


Nigel Charles, my dear fatherly friend and mentor, passed away on January 13th, 2018. His webpage will remain in his memory. He was a true scientist and has made a great contribution to everyone with this site; amateurs as well as diatom researchers who are interested in the beauty of the Oamarus diatoms.
Anne Gleich